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the best way to meet new


Come try our very popular round robins for players rated 3.0 or better. Play begins at 9:30 a.m. and runs for 2 hours. At $2 a day it's a great way to work on your game while meeting new players.


For those in search, the Waterville Valley Tennis Center will always find you a game. We have the very popular sign-up board inside the tennis pro shop where you can print your name, telephone number, playing ability and date of departure.

Many players use the board during their stay and always have great success in finding players of comparable ability. Also, check in with the tennis staff who can assist in finding you a game with our many property owners who may be in the Valley.


Sportsmanship - Please display good sportsmanship and consideration of other players at all times. When your court time comes to an end, please be courteous to those waiting for the court.

Attire - Appropriate tennis clothing is required. Men must wear shirts at all times.

Shoes - Clay courts require smooth sole tennis shoes. Running shoes, boots and any footwear that has a tread on them is not appropriate for clay courts. It will damage the courts! Clay court tennis shoes are available in the pro shop.

Check-in - Please always check into the Pro Shop before going out to your court and please remember to bring your FREEDOM PASS.

Please no biking on the courts.

Watering - During the summer months, we water the clay courts every evening. If you would like to play in the early evening hours, please make a reservation so we can get you on a court before we begin watering.

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