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Waterville Valley rich in tennis

history since 1884


Since 1884 Waterville Valley has been a tennis Mecca! Well maybe not in 1884 with one court, but in the 1930’s it really took off with 6 clay courts and a host of New England summer tennis tournaments, which eventually put Waterville Valley on the map.


In 1975 Waterville Valley hit the big time becoming the summer home of the Laver-Emerson Tennis Holiday’s. At the height of the tennis boom of the 70’s 60 guests came to the Valley weekly to experience one of the best tennis camp experiences ever!   


Can you imagine hitting everyday with two-time grand slam champion Rod Laver? Or having dinner and beverages with 12-time grand slam singles champion Roy Emerson, and then playing doubles with him the next day? Well that was what it was like back in the 70’s.


With 18 clay-courts, 16 Laver-Emerson tennis pros and a wonderful setting, guests from around the world came to experience great tennis and great times. Even though the camps are no longer in existence, you can still experience great tennis with unparalleled beauty all around you.


Rod Laver Arena, Court 1 was the court where Rod Laver played numerous exhibition matches, and it is usually available upon request! You might even find a little Rod Laver magic out on that court and hit shots you never thought you could make! 


The tennis center has hosted hundreds of tournaments through the years! From the American Express Challenger Series, to the Michelob Light Regional Championships, from the American Medical Tennis Association event to the IBM Northeast Regional tennis week, from the New Hampshire Open Tennis Championships to the Friendship Cup, from the Atlantic Cup to the New England Senior Fall Foliage Tennis Classic the Waterville Valley Tennis Center has been the perfect location for a wide variety of tennis events. 


The tennis history is rich and we are real happy to have you here and have you become part of a new history. 

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